4 Reasons Why Sales Are About More Art Than Techniques

I am not saying that sales are just an art or science and technology is not an important aspect of it. Obviously, today technology contributes in every industry including sales.

Every sales person needs to be equipped with right amount of information about clients, their behaviors, market analytics, industry evolution and predictions of future based on concrete data; all these things are very necessary to sustain in this world of high-tech competition.

Every company must have some framework about sales process of their products and services for different markets. It saves a lot of time of training; it will improve efficiency average of whole sales team.

In today’s era of technologies, companies are spending money like anything on their sales team to make them learn different techniques for every process of sales from prospecting to closing. This is not a new thing but here I am going to give you 4 reasons for which sales are more about art than techniques.

[Definition of Art (according to Google): a skill at doing a specified thing, typically one acquired through practice.]

1. Humans take decisions based on emotions :

Every human thinks in a different way. Even though some people are claiming that they can categorize human ways of thinking, still it doesn’t cover every aspect. There are so many examples in which same information has been interpreted differently and create different feelings in customer which is highly affecting their purchase behaviour.

Sale is a process in which human interaction has its own importance and it will be in future as well. Some people will say that there are some industries in which sales process is fully automated like you don’t need a sales person to sell soaps or shampoo.

I agree with them but if you study whole process of distribution of these commodities from manufacturing to retail stores, there are many places where human interactions are still essential part like increase availability of product via increasing retail outlets where products are available. Even companies like Google even have sales people.

People need to feel safe about their spending.They must feel confident that it is going for the right cause at right place and they are going to be benefited much more value than what they are spending. People expect some person must be there to make them feel so with reasoning as well as they can make someone accountable for their investment in your product or services.

There are no groups of techniques which are applicable in every situation to every kind of consumers but every kind of consumers can be satisfied with appropriate narratives of product presentation or follow-ups. Yes, it is in sales people’s hand how to drive narrative of product or service in a way by which prospects feel confident about purchasing product.

As we all know, for every product or service, sales process has been defined by individual company. That process is filled with so many techniques. It is very much necessary to implement those techniques in a way by which it backs the narrative of presentation or follow-ups.

Those implementation generates influence in prospect to purchase your product or service. it is an art which can be developed less by techniques and more by practice and experience.

2. Execution makes the whole difference :

There are so many techniques invented by different sales Gurus and mentors all around the world. Every Mentor is claiming that they can teach sales people techniques by which they will be superstar in their organizations.

So everyone is ready to teach sales people techniques but no one can teach them how to execute it because they cannot. How fast can they master it? How much they can master it?

It depends more on their innate qualities rather than other techniques, which is as equal as developing an art. For example, there are techniques for how to use brush to paint which is being taught to 5 different people but none of them are going to be able to use them in same way.

Let’s take another example; there is one company in which there are 20 sales people whom company is giving same trainings, same environment, and same resources. Are they going to generate same sales? No, not at all.

So what makes this difference? Execution.

Yes, every sales person is going to perceive those techniques in a different way. They are going to have different ways of execution based on their understanding and experience.

They are going to use those techniques in different situations in different manner which is going to generate different influence in customer’s mind and it will lead to different results.

So execution of techniques is an art and it makes all the difference in sales.

3. You don’t want transactional sales :

In today’s era, no one wants to lose single existing customer and everyone wants to gain maximum number of new customers.

Now after closing one prospect if you want continues business of that particular customer, you need to do more than just providing good services. You need to maintain a healthy relation as well.

Customer must feel emotional connection towards you. Customers must feel that they belong to you. That is as important as giving them good services.

There are many techniques to create and maintain customer relationships and make bonding stronger but it is more of an art. Obviously data of customer can help but it is just a blank canvas. What to draw on it and how to do it is an art.

4. Having creative sales people is rather basic necessity than luxury :

What is the goal of sales department? To close maximum deals in least possible time.

To complete different sales funnels as faster as possible, sales people need to complete all the stages of funnels fast and effectively. Techniques for each steps of sales process are not a secret anymore these days. Its knowledge is easily available in general which is being provided by different sales trainers in different ways.

So those techniques available to your organizations are available for your competitors as well. How your organization is going to differentiate?

Well you need sales people who are not conventional. Those are the sales people who have a different point of view towards customer’s problem, they come up with unusual and more promising solutions which provide a strong narrative for your products or services and it creates a whole new and passionate influence on purchase behavior of customers.

That way customer will feel that they are in right hands and it is safe to be with you than any of your competitors.

As part of business fraternity, survival is not your desired destination but infinite growth is and to be as near as possible to that goal, you need sales people who are creative. It is your basic need.

Hope this article gave you some nitty gritty about sales. If you have any question regarding it, please ask us in comments.

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