Category: Productivity


5 Free & Helpful Apps For Small Businesses

With the constant technological progress and the vast availability of new tools and functionalities that can make practically any aspect of a business more effective and efficient, now is the best time to become...


How We Use DRIVE To Increase Productivity

Google Drive, a storage solution from google, have you ever heard of it? Yes, we are gonna discuss about it in this article. We mentioned Google Drive as 7th app we use to increase...


How We Use PhotoScan To Increase Productivity

When the world is becoming digital, has it ever occurred to you that you needed one of your document copies in digital format but you have hard copy of it and you have to...


How We Use IFTTT To Increase Productivity

IFTTT – short for “If This Then That“, that’s one of my personal favourite application and for almost anything I think of doing to make some work easy and save some of my time,...


How We Use FEEDLY To Increase Productivity

FEEDLY, a news aggregator app, as I mentioned in our article 8 Free Apps We Use To Increase Our Productivity, is another app which I’m addicted to after Pocket and we’re gonna go in...



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