How We Use DRIVE To Increase Productivity

Google Drive, a storage solution from google, have you ever heard of it?
Yes, we are gonna discuss about it in this article.

We mentioned Google Drive as 7th app we use to increase our productivity and now in this article, we are going to see details about this service by Google.

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service developed and offered by Google.

Now what does it mean?

It means you can save your files, like your photos, documents, videos, audios, etc on google drive and it will be available there for you whenever you will need it, you will be able to access it from any internet connected computer or any smart device like smartphone, tablet etc ! And besides that, there are lot more things you can do with google drive. Keep reading the article to know about it.

Since its launch in 2012, google drive is becoming more and more popular day by day amongst people because of its usefulness.

(NOTE : Google has recently changed look & feel of google Drive.
For the refrence of how does it look now, please do consider below tweet from Official twitter account of Google Drive)

How does it work?

To use Google Drive, you will have to sign up for it using your google account first. Once you are signed up, you can upload any file you want into your Google Drive account and access it anytime from anywhere by logging in to your account on Google Drive using internet connected device.

You can create google files within drive, you can create folders within drive,you can organize your files into folders and you can share your files with other google drive users as well. We’ll see about it in detail, later in this article.

How is it useful to us?

Storing files, documents, photos etc on hard disks of computer or in memory of any electronic device was the only way to store files back then. The issue with this kind of storage is that we can loose all the stored files and documents in case of any problem in the device.

In Google Drive, our files get stored in servers so even if the device goes into any trouble or stop working anyhow, we can still get our files from any device connected with internet.

Besides that, we can store some important documents, like our identity card, in our google drive which can be needed anytime or in some urgent situations. So we can have our hands on it whenever needed.

How to use it?

There are many wonderful features in Google Drive which are helpful in many ways. We are going to take a look at some of them and see how to use them.

Signing up for Google Drive :

To sign up for Google Drive, go to and then click on button saying “Go to Google Drive

Clicking on that button will take you to a screen where you will be asked to log in to your google account. Enter your google account credentials and click on log in button.

How We Use DRIVE To Increase Productivity

Successful sign in to your google account will redirect you to your google drive dashboard. Your Google Drive dashboard will look like image given below (New Design).

How We Use DRIVE To Increase Productivity

Uploading files and folders :

There are two options to upload any file or folder on your Google Drive from your PC.

First one is, you can drag & drop files or folders and it will be uploaded on your Google Drive.

How We Use DRIVE To Increase Productivity

Second one is, select “New” button given on the right hand side of your google drive dashboard and then select “file upload” or “folder upload” based on what you want to upload. It will open a dialogue box, select files or folders you want to upload and click on ok, your files or folders will be uploaded.

How We Use DRIVE To Increase Productivity

Downloading files and folders :

Besides uploading files or folders, google drive also gives you functionality to download files and folders as well.

To download any file or folder from your google drive, just right click on that file or folder. A pop up will open. Select “Download” option from that pop up and your file or folder will begin to download.

How We Use DRIVE To Increase Productivity

Creating new folder within Drive :

To create new folder within Drive, click on “NEW” button givven on the right hand side of dashboard and select “Folder” option from the pop up. After clicking on it, enter the name you want to give to your folder into box that opens and hit on “create” button. Your folder will be created.

How We Use DRIVE To Increase Productivity

Creating new google files within Drive :

Just like you can create folders within google drive, you can also create google files like google docs, google sheets, google slides, google forms etc.

To do so, click on “NEW” button and select type of file you want to create. For example, if you want to create new google doc then click on “Google Docs” option from the pop up. It will open new untitled google doc in new window. Give title to the document and save. It will be saved into your google drive.

How We Use DRIVE To Increase Productivity

Same way, you can create other google files like google sheets, google slides, google froms etc.

Organizing files and folders :

You can organize your files or folders in google drive by placing it into different folders. You can move your files or folders from one folder to another folder.

To move any file or folder, right click on the file or folder and select “Move to…” option from pop up. It will open dialogue box displaying all your folders into your drive. Select folder in which you want to move your file or folder and click on “Move Here” button given on the bottom of the dialogue box. Your file or folder will be moved in to folder you selected.

How We Use DRIVE To Increase Productivity

Sharing files with other user :

Google drive gives you functionality to share file with other users and manage permissions for the same.

To share a file by sharing a link in a way that anyone who clicks on the link can see the file, right click on the file and select “Share” option. Then click on “get sharable link“. It will give you a link. Copy that link and share with anyone you want to share.

How We Use DRIVE To Increase Productivity

If you want to share file with other users so that they also can edit the file,you can do that too. To do so, instead of clicking on “get sharable link”, enter email id of person you want to share file with, select permission you want to give by clicking on button given just beside the box to enter email id and then hit the “Send” button. Other person will receive a mail informing that you invited to edit the file.

How We Use DRIVE To Increase Productivity

Available options to access Google Drive :

There are various options to access your google drive.
They provide us website, Google Chrome app, android app and IOS app.

  • You can access your google drive by visiting
  • You can use google drive Chrome app by clicking HERE.
  • You can download google drive iOS app from HERE
  • You can download google drive android app from HERE

File types Google Drive supports :

Google Drive supports a wide range of file types.

These file types include all Microsoft Office File extension like .docx, .xlsx etc,
image file types like JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, WEBP, BMP etc,
video files like AVI, MOV, MP4, 3GP, WMV, FLV, OGG, WEBM,
audio files like MP3, MPEG, WAV
and other file types like Apple Pages, Postscripts, fonts, Adobe Photoshop files and Autodesk AutoCAD extensions.

Other useful Links :

  • For additional information on how to use google drive, you can visit Google Drive official help center by clicking HERE
  • You can ask questions on Google Drive Help Forum by clicking HERE

I hope this article gives you a quick start and provide all the information needed to use Google Drive. But still if you have any question, you can ask us in comments. You can share your experiences using google drive in comments as well, we would love to hear it from you and if you have any new and useful tips to use google drive then we request you to comment it down.

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