How We Use PhotoScan To Increase Productivity

When the world is becoming digital, has it ever occurred to you that you needed one of your document copies in digital format but you have hard copy of it and you have to find the scanner and go through the hassles to convert it into digital copy?

Yes, occurred to me, a lot of times !

A lot of my time has been wasted in situations like that. Google helped me saving all of that time. Yes, have you heard of PhotoScan?

In our article, 8 Free Apps We Use To Increase Productivity, we listed PhotoScan as 6th app we use.

Let’s go into a little nitty gritty of Google PhotoScan, starting with what is Google PhotoScan.

What is PhotoScan?

As said in our previous article 8 Free Apps We Use To Increase Our Productivity, PhotoScan is an app by Google which allows us to scan physical photos within the app and gives you the digital, fine tuned copy of the same photo. And it is very easy to use as well. Don’t go for my words, check it by yourself !

You can save this photo, send it to someone on internet or use it for any purpose where digital copies of photos are required.

When it is useful?

Sometimes, you are in situation where you need digital copy of some of your old physical photos or some physical documents. There is one option which can be helpful in the situation is to find the scanner & scan the photo. But you should choose this option or not is the matter of situation and urgency as scanners are not widely available at many places.

Google PhotoScan can be the savior in the situation. You just have to scan the physical photo or document and you will get the digital copy which you can save in your device instantly.

How to use it?

To use PhotoScan, download it from Play Store or App Store & install it.

After installing it, open it and allow for the camera and gallery permissions if asked. Now to scan any photo, open the app and it will open its camera. Point camera on photo you want to scan the way that photo fits into the frame on screen of the device. You wil see one hollow dot into the centre and four dots, each on one corner. Move your device and fit dot on corner into the hollow dot in center. Do this for every dot on the corner, which means four times and your photo will be scanned completely. After that, app will take a little time to process your photo, remove glare from it and fine tune it.

Once the processing is done, it will return you the final fine tuned digital copy of your photo which you will be able to save or share.

Useful links :

  • You can refer to tips on how to use google PhotoScan by Google Support from HERE
  • You can download IOS app of PhotoScan from HERE
  • You can download android app of PhotoScan from HERE

See, I told you it is easy to use, isn’t it?!
But still if you find it confusing or have any question, you can comment it down and we will reply you with the answer. And if you are already using PhotoScan then tell us in comments how do you like it using and how do you use it, we would love to hear it from you.

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See you all soon.🙋‍

Yagnesh Kaklotar

Co-Founder, Director & CMO of Dyrect. Belongs to Entrepreneurship & marketing. Occasionally distracted by curious questions like "What the hell is happening" & "How the hell that happens" leading to ongoing learning about anything !

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